Monday, May 9, 2011

Not even one sip

We dropped by my husband's work on their last Friday of April, to drop off some cupcakes for their month end. While there my daughters found an open can of diet coke on my husband's desk. They instantly asked him why it was there. He explained that instead of beer, he and a few other co-workers were given the diet coke to celebrate their great month end.

chocolate cupccake with nutella filling, frosted with chocolate sour cream, topped with milk chocolate crisp

Our family, influenced by me mostly, refrains from caffeine and alcohol as part of how we observe the Word of Wisdom. I interpret it as any addictive substance. If it is addictive, we simply stay away from it. I may joke about being addicted to chocolate, or reading, but am not truly addicted to anything... the Internet may be a close addiction. Anyway - the point is, they are well-versed in what not to drink, eat, etc... 

yellow cupcake, with raspberry filling, topped with lemon zested butter cream frosting, topped with a ginger lemon cookie - in case you were wondering, other than the toppings, I always bake from scratch

We've also taught them that just because we don't subscribe to certain foods or drink, that doesn't mean other people don't. We've taught them that people will choose to smoke, drink, and do other things because it makes them feel good. It isn't necessarily healthy or wise, but they do it because those things can bring momentary pleasure. Part of our life is about having moral agency to choose.

So my girls were heartbroken that Daddy had drank three sips of the diet coke to celebrate with the rest of his drinking co-workers on that great sales day.

We told our daughters that they were correct in their choices. Daddy promised he wouldn't do it again. I explained that even Daddy makes mistakes. I like it when they see that we aren't perfect - because we so aren't. There's something utterly devastating about growing up and realizing your parents aren't perfect, but pretend to be. These girls of mine are such good, wise girls when it comes to doing the right thing. They are, in many ways greater than us. I knew this when they were growing in my womb.

When we left, my husband found this written on his white board.

I love my daddy!
I love you!
but don't drink any caffeine, not even one sip.

From the mouths of babes.

We just finished our first week of Tae kwon do -  I think they are darling in their outfits.


Christina Lyon Maughan said...

I am going to be offensive...
I think that there are many things that LDS people ingest that are more addictive and worse for us than caffeine- namely sugar and fat. Mormons won't drink, smoke, have coffee, tea, or even coke, but we will over indulge in desserts. Although it isn't in the Word of Wisdom, I find the Mormon addiction to sweets, desserts, and sugar to be just as bad as caffeine, if not worse.

Queen Scarlett said...

There are many things that are addictive. I completely agree - you don't have to look far to see the effects of sugar and fat - our nation as a whole is seeing the disease and what not of those choices.

This post isn't to make any such statement, I had to give background for the note to make sense. And I think - it's okay that we choose to live one way, and others choose to live another.

Yes, there are cupcakes which I love making in the post - but I am also aware of my husband's side of the family with their health issues and weight problems. So health is a big deal for me, as my girls are half him.

What I loved about this post - is my daughter's simple plea. This wasn't supposed to be a treatise on how people ought to be. I don't care what choices other people make - I'm much more busy working on my own family and myself. I hope it didn't sound like I was trying to preach a certain way - that wasn't the intent.

For me and my home... I want to help my daughters stay free of any addictive substance. There's nothing sadder than to be utterly unable to function/dependent on any one substance.

My point here - was how sweet, innocent and thoughtful my 6YO is, with her note to Daddy.

Christina Lyon Maughan said...

That may have come out the wrong way. I didn't mean to criticize your family's choices, I was just making a point about my old enemy sugar.

Also, I think it is sweet that your daughter was trying to protect her Daddy. It is wonderful when kids try to live what we have taught them.

Amy said...

That's so funny! I totally GET that with the little ones keeping us in check!! LOL!! I love their simple, pure understanding of right and wrong. They don't really understand "gray". ;)