Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happiness Post:: Post 25

I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. It's the same love/hate thing I have with cleaning. Maybe it's why I enjoy cooking/baking.

With cooking/baking - there's a finish. You create a beautiful, tasty something - and then it's complete. It gets eaten. You don't have to repeat the dish - you can make something different. It's never boring.

Meanwhile, with cleaning and exercising - it's never, ever complete. It's an ongoing Sisyphus kind of a battle. It is infuriating. Yet, I love having a clean house, even if it lasts just two minutes after its been cleaned. I love feeling strong after a workout, even though I have to agonize over it again the next day.

So... being healthy makes me happy.

So do fruit parfaits.

So do... my pink boden heels - they're like a little party on my feet.

And... shoes don't care how jiggly you are. They always fit.


ps. Dude... I look like a different person w/out glasses. Is that totally weird? It's a bit jarring for me. I could totally be a superhero w/my glasses as a disguise.


Dawn said...

Maybe that's why I only like to buy shoes! Ha ha. Stopping by from 52 Weeks of Happiness hop.

Sue said...

Those are some great shoes! And I collect them for the same reason. They don't care when I get "jiggly."


Kelly Lund and Kids said...

you are so darling!!! and so are your shoes!! :) Happy Tuesday!

Daffy said...

"Shoes don't care how jiggly you are...they always fit"




Oh and the pic is perfect.