Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Children's Book Week - William Lach, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Janell Cannon

I received Can You Hear It? from my friend Carrie for my girls' birthdays. I write that I received it, because I felt like it was also a gift for me.

This book comes with a CD filled with classical music that accompany the beautiful masterpieces in this book. My daughters loved this book when they were young. They still enjoy it. I may not be artistically inclined, no matter how much I wish it, but I appreciate the work. This book is a pleasure to enjoy with my daughters.

I often wish San Francisco wasn't such a drive away from my home, so I could take my daughters to frequent the rich collection of museums and cultural exhibits there. This book is a bit like the take home version of a museum, but one where they can boogie woogie and get wild while seeing and hearing great works of art.

The other gift I'm offering is a set of three books written and illustrated by Janell Cannon. Stellaluna was the first book my girls and I discovered written by Cannon. I received it from a book exchange, many years ago, from my friend Dawn. Stellaluna is about the misadventures of a young fruit bat who ends up in a bird's nest. 

Hilarity ensues as he tries to identify as a bird, and then his bird siblings identify as bats. Mother bird has it up to here with the kids. The story is sweet, funny and accidentally, educational. The illustrations are simply lovely to look at. My girls have loved this story, and I have enjoyed reading it to them.

For this giveaway you'll receive a copy of Can You Hear It? or Janell Cannon's The Adventures of Stellaluna, Verdi & Crickwing. Please note which book you'd like to receive in the comments.

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Giveaway will close on Sunday, May 8 at midnight PST.


ps. I am not being paid, or asked to giveaway these specific titles. I just sincerely love them.


Greek Goddess said...

Oooo, "Can you hear it" sounds like the perfect book for me!

Greek Goddess said...

I linked up via fb as well.

Becca said...

This is a great way to celebrate! I am interested in the "Can you hear it" book and also linked via fb.

soybeanlover said...

Stellaluna sounds cute, and that's how we fly around here.

Greek Goddess said...

I blogged and linked.

Queen Scarlett said...

Greek Goddess - Yes - your current google following counts! ;-)

Erin said...

Can you hear it? How fun is this to have a book giveaway?!