Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday: A Family Lives Here - Exhibit 7

I'll be posting each Friday with the same theme of "A Family Lives Here". Hope you like it. Hope you join in on the fun.

Exhibit 7:

It's the middle of the day... why are these girls still in bed?

Room Service! Of course!

One of many things my daughters love about vacation... is room service.

In fact, even at home, we'll occasionally use my cell phone to call the house, to get the daddy, to bring up various snacks, if the girls are hanging out upstairs.

This particular weekend our youngest requested room service, just like at a hotel. She insisted it be served in their room.

My hubby made tapsilog - something he loved while serving a mission in the Philippines, Cebu mission. He still speaks Cebuano and some Tagalog.

watching despicable me

Then, daddy set up some DVD players with a movie of their choice. 

watching a tigger and pooh movie...because there aren't any bad guys
This was nice. Hubby and I got to flip on our own movie and have a bit of us time.


What's your policy on places to munch?


We're like detectives, scouting out evidence that a family lives here.
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Amy said...

Yum! Those lucky girls.