Sunday, May 1, 2011

Children's Book Week

I'm so excited for this week.

I've been a book worm all my life and as a mother, I've fallen in love with children's books. This week is a week celebrating all those fabulous stories!

In addition, I started blogging May 4, 2005. So it's also my sixth blogaversary.

In honor of books, anniversaries and general giddiness, I'm going to do something I've never, ever done before...a week of children's book giveaways, on my own dime. Well, a lot more than just one dime, but you get my drift.

Each day this week, beginning on Monday, I'll be highlighting a favorite children's book and then giving away either that book, or a book I also love to you. You'll have five days to enter - so the winners will be announced next week.

If you're a book lover like myself... it's okay to squeal - I am. 

See you tomorrow!


Greek Goddess said...

Squeal, squeal, squeal! You're amazing. If you lived closer we would host a joint book party. I have ideas and plan to do one in the future, but circumstances don't permit right now. I'm excited to see what you highlight this week!

Amy said...

SQUEAL!!!!!!!!! Happy blogaversary!!