Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happiness Post:: Post 23

These girls.

They make me happy.

They are so different, and also so similar.

My six year old found a stray pipe cleaner and immediately made it into a heart. Why? She wanted to give it to her teacher. So I took some pictures before it left our home.

My four year old, purposely put the heart upside down, then giggled at how funny she though it was.

Yes, they have their moments (dude, I have many, many moments). Yes, I get frustrated. Sometimes I'm too sharp. I sometimes hide from them when I simply can't take anymore fighting, "she said, she said", and whining. But, there are so many grateful pauses, no matter how much work they are, numerous precious times worth fighting for, worth remembering and cherishing.

Motherhood is the most challenging, heart-wrenching, worrisome, funny, joyful, fulfilling calling I have ever had. I wouldn't trade it for the world. This is in large part, to these two girls, with their big personalities, their crazy smart minds, and their happy souls.

They make me happy. I thank God He gave me the chance to give it a go as their mistake-making mother.



Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Your girls are so darling!! I love that she wanted to give it to her teacher... My 6 year old is the same way... She wants to give everything to her teacher :) Awwwh what sweethearts!

Sue said...

It is a pretty wonderful ride, isn't it? Bumps and bruises notwithstanding.

I, too, love being a mom.


CoffeeLovinMom said...

Love that you put dude in front of your statement about your moments. I still say that all the time, especially when it's something serious. Funny how much they love their teachers - are you called Mrs. So and So at your house too?

Queen Scarlett said...

Thank you ladies! Motherhood rules!

I get called by my first name a lot... or my girls will refer to me, as they talk to their Dad, "your wife...." . ;-) Um...