Monday, March 28, 2011

Blast from the Past:: Progress Reports

We are in full swing over here with "operation spring cleaning".

every progress report 1st-12th grade is in this book

Hubby's finally getting our garage organized, and it only took eight years since we bought the house! I kid...sort of...not at all. I will say that it is astounding how much he's gotten done in the last week. I'll post pictures of that project once it's all finished.

That box in the middle is twice the size of the blue one - it is filled with stuff I'm recycling. The three boxes stacked to the right are the ones I'm keeping...until I evolve again.

My job during this was to condense my six boxes of memories into a smaller amount (I've also been reorganizing all the drawers/cupboard of the kitchen too...I didn't realize how much time the kitchen reorg would take). I've gotten the boxes down to three. Which, is pretty amazing for me. Apparently, I'm a bit of a pack rat. 

I'm keeping my first pair of scriptures from when I turned 8 (L), and the binders are all empty...because I've gotten rid of all their contents (R) 

It's been nostalgic going through all the stuff I've preserved. In honor of the past, I'm devoting this week to all things historical. That just makes my life sound so much more important. Ha! 

it doesn't look like a lot of sheet protectors... trust me... it is.

I wonder, do any of you have any boxes of old stuff you'd want to share?

For Day 1:

I have every progress report since first grade. Naturally, I enjoyed reading through the comments. 

My 6YO, Avant Garde Gal, recently received a progress report that said this:

"AGG is a bright student. She works very slowly and carefully, and is very artistic. She is very capable of doing first grade work. AGG is kind to friends and helpful in class. However, sometimes AGG gets easily frustrated and does not participate..."

I had asked her teachers about the "easily frustrated" part and they told me PE is one area AGG is not fond of. I can relate. Sometimes she gets her glasses knocked off when they play crab ball, or some other sort of game with a ball. Dude. I'd be pissed off if that happened, had happened. My daughter is also a bit of a perfectionist. She likes to get things right. We're constantly telling her that it doesn't have to be perfect, just her best work, and that mistakes are part of learning.

Me with my mom in kindergarten...hiding behind my mom, just like my girls do to me at this age.

For a while I've been baffled. I don't feel that I am a perfectionist... I tend to let things happen as they please... so it was entertaining to read these:

 first grade

second grade... you can get a 1 or a 2... one is better...apparently I didn't like PE either.

 third grade... aha! Apparently, it's genetic.

There's that show I enjoy, "Who Do You Think You Are?" I like to think that saving my history, will help my posterity understand, or have someone to relate to when they get frustrated.

Ha! See how I just justified my pack-rattiness? Sneaky. Just like a rat.



Mrs. Organic said...

Don't throw it out. I am kicking myself for all the paring down I did before my kids were old enough to want to see it. The things I do have, they like to go through - it's good for them to realize their parents were kids once too.

And how fun for you to see where she gets it from. :)

The Atomic Mom said...

We've been purging too, because we are pack rats. But it's been nothing worth saving. The things that are worth saving we do. Anyway, it's liberating and refreshing all at the same time. I think I am happier with less stuff.