Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happiness Post:: Post 17

You make me happy.

Yes, YOU, my dear Internets/Twitters/Facebooks.

As a thank you for all the joy, silliness, informative, and distracted ways of wasting time...

How about a hug?

A kiss too?

Where are you going?
Was that too much, too soon?

I promise, just a hug, no scary kissing.

Hoping your Tuesday is a HAPPY giggly TUESDAY!


"Lucky" said...


The Atomic Mom said...

Haha, you're so cute.

cabesh said...

How do you stay so gorgeous? Kisses!

Queen Scarlett said...

Thanks for letting me entertain you.

My hubby always does the scene in Sabrina btwn her dry-humor father...

Do you think I'm funny?
Hilarious Sabrina, you should have your own show.

I always make myself laugh. hehehehe