Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happiness Post:: Post 15

California Girls Tasting Snow
Make Me Happy

It's cuckoo. We live in Northern California, and for the last few years it seems we've gotten some snow (teeny, tiny bits) each year. Last year schools closed for two days due to our few inches of snow. It was glorious. No SCHOOL!

These pictures were taken in a five minute period of snow. The girls screamed with delight. Then rushed to get their boots and coats on, just for a taste of freshly, falling snow.

This year we even had a day where it had a bit of everything, rain, snow, hail, sun and rain again.



Sue said...

I'm visiting So Cal just now and from what I hear, I'm missing some cold weather up there! My daughter says it's been pretty nippy.


Jessica said...

LOL, I live in Colorado and where I am we have had so little snow, BOOOO. Love your photos!!!!

Queen Scarlett said...

Sue - VERY nippy. Enjoy the SoCal SUN!

Jess - Ha... weather gods are weird. Thank you!

Lizzi said...

Too cute! I grew up in Northern California and the first time I really experienced snow was when I went away to school in Iowa at age 18!