Sunday, March 27, 2011

Never Smile at a Crocodile

Today in primary they did a sharing time on Elder Boyd K. Packer's talk Spiritual Crocodiles.

They showed a short clip of the video below where the crocodile gets its prey. 
The clip we saw begins at :35 and they ended at 2:45. 
Enjoy the clip before reading on.

This was our conversation on the ride home from Church.

QS: Girls - tell Daddy about the crocodile.
DD (4YO): The crocodile ate one of the other animals.
AGG (6YO): It was a safari.

- I provided a brief synopsis of the above clip to Phantom - 

Phantom: You mean, they showed the actual crocodile, killing its prey?
QS: Yes. With all these little 3 YOs right in the front.
Phantom: They really showed it?
QS: Some teachers were trying to explain that "it's just nature". I thought it was awesome.
AGG: It's not awesome! You think it's awesome to die?!?  *pause* Lunatic!!!

My husband and I laughed, without breathing the rest of the way home. 

ps. So excited for General Conference this weekend. Yes. I, @QueenScarlett will be a tweeting lunatic this weekend. Excited to be reunited with the Twitter Stake - #ldsconf

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