Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Mish Mash

image from vegnews

Do you have a thing?

When I go to a place that serves chili on the menu... I always order it. I.Heart.Chili. Any kind of chili. I prefer it spicy. I'll enjoy it tame. I like it drizzled on fries, saturating a burger, a hot dog, Cincinnati style... maybe I should go make a batch.

With this unending rain, and cloud cover, all I want is food that envelops me. Chili does that. It's also hearty...argh!

So yeah, I have a thing. It's chili.

Okay... disclaimer: I am also prolifically, potently musical post-bowl. *grin*


Emily said...

I have lots of things: peanut butter M&Ms, vanilla Diet Coke and Thin Mints. Oh and a good burger!

Queen Scarlett said...

YES... burger! ;-)