Friday, March 4, 2011

Feeling a little LOST

When LOST ended I felt a little empty. I loved all the nuances, profound meanings, symbols, mythology surrounding the show. I was one that was satisfied with the ending. I enjoyed the hope it symbolized for me.

All these many, many months after the fact, I am still missing the LOST characters.

So it's really no surprise that my DVR dutifully records:

V - Juliet (abc)
Lizard aliens, the fifth column, red rain, mining our DNA... what's not to like?

Hawaii 5-O - Jin (cbs)

Poor Jin - they don't give him much to do while the two white, male leads make eyes at each other. No, wait, they let Jin have a bomb strapped around his neck. Now that's drama. Fine, Caan can be funny...but he plays the same character in every thing he's in. Also, bring in Sun...she can guest star!

Mr. Sunshine - Chandler (because I love FRIENDS) and Hurley (abc)

I love Chandler, I always will - he was always my favorite Friend, but come on... give Hurley more to do! Hurley is funnier than that dumb, large kid they have interning.

Good Wife - I love this show already, but guess who guest starred? Miles! (cbs)

So weird hearing him speak with a Chinese accent. Also... kept waiting for him to speak to the dead. Miss his quirky character on LOST.

Fringe - I love this show and Hurley is coming to visit. (fox)
Can't wait to watch! Love Walter and Peter - such great actors and perfect chemistry.

Grey's Anatomy - I already watch this show, and I was thrilled when Rose guest starred. (abc)

Rose - always the calm, in control lady.

I'm hoping I get a glimpse of Sun, Sawyer, Locke, and Ben soon.

If you hear of any other LOST pop-ins - I'd love to know.

I would like to say it is unusual for me to be so entwined with a TV show, for pete's sake - but I'm still an avid FRIENDS fan/viewer. It's a habit I started when the show debuted at BYU, and well - it's fun.

Do you have any shows that have stuck with you?

ps. Have a great FRIDAY!

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