Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blast From the Past:: Softball

When I was a 9 and 10 year old I played softball.

I remember chewing double bubble bubble and bazooka gum.
I also remember the late afternoon practices, where the sun would hit me right in the eyes as I'd try to catch a ball way off in the outfield.

I believe that the reason why the middle finger on my right hand does this weird joint thing is due to a softball I was tossing up in the air once. On it's way back down it jammed the finger. Maybe it's all hooha... but that's what I think...and I'm sticking to it. Yes, I'd be happy to show you in person one day.

My daughters want to keep this trophy, mitt and ball - to add to their collection of toys. This picture will last longer...

The first year of softball I was fearless. I hit a home run nearly every time at plate. For some reason I became really self-conscious the second year. I stood at home plate, terrified I'd strike out. So instead, I stood, paralyzed until I walked to first.

Other than softball, I would play soccer with my brothers and at school. I loved soccer. Though, I never did play on an organized team. I love volleyball - beach style. I did play for my high school's ... you may guffaw - badminton team. I was awarded, "most improved player". hehehe

So you can tell, sports, not really my strong suit. I enjoy it recreationally - but definitely not competitively. The ugliness of competitive sports is a total turn off.

What about you? What sports did you do in that oft remembered youth?



cabesh said...

The middle finger on my right had is messed up from a softball incident, so I totally believe you.

As far as sports, it seems like I was always doing something. In elementary school is was soccer, basketball, t-ball, then softball. In middle school it was volleyball, basketball, track, softball and soccer. In high school I cheered and played softball and soccer.

Queen Scarlett said...

We are finger buddies.

Can't wait to see you in SD!