Friday, March 25, 2011

A Hairy Week

Where should I begin?

My brother introduced my girls to the Lohan (pre-screw up) The Parent Trap movie the weekend we were in the Bay Area. They loved it. I have to mention that with every viewing I shake my head and sigh, thinking how adorable, precocious and sweet she was...and now, now she's a glorified mess. *sigh* 

Now I've got the original version that I loved queued up to arrive from Netflix.

A couple weeks ago my 4YO, Dauntless Daughter (DD) told me she wanted to cut her hair like the twins in the movie. I stated very clearly - that if she wanted a cut, we could make an appointment to get it done. She was not to, under any circumstance, cut it herself. My daughters have cut their hair in the past, they must enjoy keeping me on my toes, or they are just fashionistas in the making.

Well, Tuesday of this past week, the girls were upstairs with Phantom and I'm just browsing some news online, when I hear a screeching, wailing, bloody-hell, someone-is-dying-kind-of-a-scream. 
practicing her news sharing for class on the supermoon - she's so intelligent and pretty to me...

Turns out my 6YO, Avant Garde Gal (AGG) took her hair into her own hands to give herself bangs, like in The Parent Trap.

 the hair...and if you look to the bottom left - you'll find the pink gum - also, please enjoy the contents of our garbage...

There was no point in getting upset with her. She was pretty darn upset at herself. Which, admittedly, totally made me start laughing. I know, bad, easily entertained mommy... hehehehe

Luckily, AGG has never cut her bangs too short. 

It actually... doesn't look too bad. She's so darn cute, she makes anything look good.
she loves to sass it up...

Wednesday morning we fixed it cute, and she loved it.

That same morning when I woke little sister, DD up for school. As I brushed her hair, the brush was unable to get this one tangle out. As I used my fingers to break up the knot I found, to my horror...gum.

...sticky, lost cough drop...

I had a momentary, internal, "aw crap" moment, wherein I thought we'd have to chop her hair off to get the gum out. Luckily, it was relatively easy to peel apart. 

QS: How did you get gum in your hair?
DD: I was chewing gum and it fell out.
QS: Into your hair?
DD: I didn't know where it went. It disappeared.

She makes me laugh... and laugh I did.

Today? She comes to me trying to get something out of her hair. 

QS: Did you get gum in your hair again???
DD: I don't think so.
QS: *as I peel the hair off* Oh my...hehehee... it's a cough drop.
DD: Oh! That's where AGG's cough drop went. We couldn't find it last night.
my little ham...


Yep. A hairy, hilarious week with my girls. Dang, I love them.

ps. The rumor is... we'll get some sun come Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Mrs. Organic said...

She did a great job on her bangs, maybe she has found a future career.

Queen Scarlett said...

She just might. ;-) She could do mine. ;-)

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Oh my goodness- she is just too cute. So happy to hear that she didn't cut those bangs too short- does look pretty good considering how it happened.