Friday, March 11, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Like their outfits? They love them. Grandpa found them at JCPenny

Growing up in Cupertino, the DeAnza Flea Market was no big deal. In fact, I hated it. I've only been, maybe a handful of times. Many times it just felt like people came with all their old crap, and try to convince other people to like it enough to buy it.

I'm not a very good shopper. I don't like taking the time to search like an archeologist through the mess. I think I get overwhelmed.

Last weekend we were in town visiting the grandparents and they suggested we take the girls on their first trip to the DeAnza flea market.

My girls wanted to find jewelry. We ended up finding adorable parasols for three bucks, fans for two, and adorable headbands for less than three dollars a pop. They also picked a necklace each for a dollar... ugly necklaces, but they felt happy.

The weather was beautiful and warm. So warm that the girls were ready to head home because they were too hot, too sweaty, too thirsty, too tired to walk...

Me? The flea market was okay... luckily, we found some cute things amidst all the dust-gathering nick-nacks. Do you ever see so much stuff, that you sort of want to shake yourself to get rid of it all? I feel that way sometimes in our consumerish society.

...however, seeing how much fun the girls had... just put me in a really happy mood. Happy FRIDAY!


Mrs. Organic said...

They're adorable! I used to love going to the flea market with my dad, especially once I had some money of my own to spend.

I don't think I'd survive taking my own kids, I'd be too worried I'd lose them.

cabesh said...

I love good flea markets. None here. :(

Julie said...

Love the outfits and love that your dad got them for the girls :)

Queen Scarlett said...

Mrs. O - luckily, Cupertino is pretty darn tame. It's chock full of Asians so... there's not anything to be looted. ;-)

cabesh - I actually quite enjoyed it this time. I swear, kids make everything more fun.

Julie - He's always been better at shopping than me or my Mom.