Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Setting Traps

No, we're not Irish, but my oldest has been talking up leprechauns this year. So, I might have to work with them tonight to fashion a leprechaun trap.

Don't these traps from Disney look adorable?

Do you set leprechaun traps? Do the leprechauns leave something if they can't be caught? We've never, heck, I've never done this before...ever.

Your tips and advice are appreciated.

Enjoy... below is my favorite Leprechaun.



cabesh said...

St. Patrick's Day & catching leprechauns is HUGE here--lots of Irish. The schools really play it up--the teachers build traps with the kids, one teacher even sleeps over at the school to try to catch a leprechaun. Irish jig contest at lunch, radio DJ's have people call in about how they tried to catch one....So, here are some fun ideas....

Use anything you can to make a trap. A couple of years ago we painted an egg carton green then propped it up with a stick (Chloe's design). The gold coins (chocolate) inside had strings attached that were also tied to the stick.

My friend Trina uses green food coloring to color the toilet water, milk, etc. She also makes tiny green footprints in the snow on their front yard (you don't have snow, but you could use green glitter) and then through the house, to everything that turns green. Her husband (our bishop) usually gets up extra early on the 17th, hollering, "He's getting away, help me!" and runs down the stairs and outside to make the girls think he's chasing a leprechaun.

Queen Scarlett said...

I LOVE your ideas. Thank you!!! These are so fun.