Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top o' the mornin' to ye

I don't wear hats that often. My head shape is too big... but because I just got out of a nice HOT shower post-workout, I have to go back out into the NO-END-IN-SIGH-DELUGE of rain...and to keep the body heat contained you need to keep your head and feet covered. 

So... the hat.

How are you staying dry? What rainy day activities do you have instore? 

SAVE ME from this... ayudame!

Ya'll know I'm totally, utterly a solar powered, sun goddess worshipper - so I am wilting... wilting I tell ya!


ps. It's also really weird when you've been using the term "solar powered" for like... ever, and then you hear someone who heard it from you, use it in a convo with you. (you = me) Did that make sense? Either way... it was weird! ;-)


cabesh said...

Do snowy day activities count? :)

The Wii is my saviour. Video games that give my kids a physical outlet too--awesome.

We like to do picnics in the winter--I make all the fixings for a picnic, and we eat in on a blanket on the living room floor.

Dancing--we turn up the tunes and dance. The kids have been taking a zumba class so we've added dance offs to our dancing time.

Queen Scarlett said...

Great ideas. ;-) Snowy day totally counts...

Mrs. Organic said...

Those are the days I try to heat myself up from the inside out, and dancing is great for that.