Monday, March 7, 2011

Devoted Love

Yesterday my girls and I attended sacrament meeting at my parents ward, in the Bay Area, where I spent my high school years. I guess technically that makes it my old "home" ward. This couple pictured has sat like this since I can remember.

I asked my Mom about them. His wife used to teach music lessons. He used to be a teacher. She was riding her bike 26 years ago when a truck hit her. He has been taking care of her ever since. They attend sacrament meeting, and then they go home, she leaning on him.

Watching them made me emotional. I had to capture their love on my phone. In a world where people are selfish, petty and confused, this couple is a beacon, defining what real love is.

I hope that when my hunny and I are that wise, that we'll be as close as they are.

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