Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happiness Post:: Post 18

I'm catching spring fever... the desperate need to get the corners of my home uncluttered.

We bought these shelves at Target, I put together one all by myself, and hubby did the other. I used to avoid the laundry room so I wouldn't have to see the mess of shoes precariously balanced on a flimsy rack. Now, I walk over just to smile at our new shoe shelf.

I've also been busily organizing my pantry and various cupboards, drawers in the kitchen too. It doesn't sound like much, but my-oh-my how stuff accumulates.

It makes me happy to see all the clean spaces.

Do you have the fever?


1 comment:

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Ooooh I think the picture of your shoes just made me Happy :) I have the fever... My goal is to de-clutter my house within the next month :)