Friday, October 17, 2008

Frivolous Friday

This morning I woke up before my regular alarm clocks did. Usually I like to lay as still as possible until I absolutely have to open my eyes. The girls aren't sleeping later - they are just still asleep. Which means I'm up earlier than normal... for me. ;-)

Anyway - we have a busy day - we need to go switch the loaner car back with the dealer - take my oldest to the preschool pumpkin patch - straighten up the kid-tornado sacked house - and make something yummy for the trunk-or-treat tonight... complete with costumes (which I do not make)... yada yada.

So first thing this morning I got dressed. Normally if I don't have to go anywhere - I love sitting in PJs all day. So I put on this pair of jeans I haven't worn in months... and this is why this post is even more frivolous. The jeans are loose! LOOSE... getting back into shape is such a long, slow process... but ever since my little one has weaned... it's melting... melting! Not as quickly as I'd like...but slowly it is melting. Of course I had to measure myself...and I'm encouraged... just a few more inches off the waist and hips and I'm going to be able to say... "I'm BACK!" hehehe So that's my HAPPY, YAY, WHOO HOO... thing of the day.

What's frivolous on your Friday?

ps. Kiss me...I voted (absentee yesterday)

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