Monday, October 20, 2008

Green Nappies

Saw this article about reusable and disposable the UK folks call them.

Check it out. I swear - anytime society trends towards something - I like to pause and ask... is this wise... and turns out... maybe, maybe not.

Don't you love when people hush-up something that doesn't work for their agenda?


La Yen said...

That makes me SO happy. I was all for cloth diapers until we had 2 days of notice for Jooj, and realized that we would be spending a month in someone's home. And no one wants non-familial poop washing. So we started with the disposable. And now I don't feel as bad about it!

soybeanlover said...

The thing is, it isn't that hard to do all of those things. Most diapers have you wash them around 40 C, hanging diapers takes only a few minutes, and they make AWESOME rags once your done using them on kids.

I agree, if you are doing it just to be trendy with your 'green' child, think about the impact you make by buying new ones. If on the other hand you choose it because it is cheaper for multiple kids, and/or you buys used, you're good to go. It is all about making the distinction between being 'green' because it is trendy, or doing your research and thinking through your plan before do it.