Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In my head

I know my blog has been heavy on politics and issues...that's because right now they are things that are occupying my mind.

I feel this urgency. We have to get this right, in this election cycle. We have to.

I keep hearing the argument against YES on PROP 8 - the "it won't affect you" "it's just about two people" "you don't have to do anything"... and I can't help but feel sad.

Everything has a consequence. Every decision we make will send a ripple out into the world. Even the little decisions. It bothers me that so many people can feel so blah-say about life. As if we can live in some little vacuum with a "live and let live" attitude. That is not reality. We are each affected for good or ill by the actions of everyone around us. From the most common person to the most vocal and powerful voice. The truth is...many common voices have more power - if they choose to speak.

I've been thinking a lot about selfishness. How so many big problems in the world stem from that. How families can be broken apart by a selfish person unwilling to ever admit they are imperfect. I see the selfishness of those that oppose YES on Prop 8. The ones that illegally steal signs from YES on Prop 8 homes. The ones that say the mantra tolerance, acceptance - but assault someone because they believe in YES on 8 - Just click here. The ones that will use every bigoted label to shut-down open and honest conversation. The ones working through sabotage - rather than embracing open, honest debate. The ones that attack character, rather than have a frank discussion about truth. I see selfishness when people refuse to acknowledge the children that will have to deal with the consequences of unwise citizens if Prop 8 doesn't pass.

For all the education, advancement and knowledge we have in the world today - there is an extreme lack of wisdom.

We have a unique opportunity to open our mouths, speak with our keyboards to make it clear where we stand. We're not standing for ourselves, or just this generation - we're standing for generations to come. When history looks back at us - how will we be remembered? Will we be derided for our selfishness or will we be revered as the ones that had the courage to stem back the tide of moral decay?

I so admire this family in Folsom, Calif - look at what they did. When I see people like this, when I see the type of people who I am working with to promote the good - I am proud and comforted to be amongst heroes of character. I am energized because I am anxiously engaged in a good cause.

This video below is so simple and well executed to explain what the issues with PROP 8 are.

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It's Me said...

Please keep dumping your head into your blog. It's my first morning read...my caffeine. I'm a PRO-prop. 8'er as well...in Southern Cal. My well is full.