Thursday, October 23, 2008


My husband's colleague sent this to me today.

I thought it was well-said. Huntley Brown embodies reason. He values life. For that I am grateful. I am grateful that he is wise in his letter to friends.

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I wish some people would put aside their tunnel vision to see the bigger picture. I suppose that's why I feel that many Americans... or maybe just Calif are antsy for something historic and not something worthwhile. (see my previous post here)

Last night at book group we discussed Train to Potevka. I mentioned how timely I felt reading the book. It takes place during the cold war in Russia. Reading about how socialism destroys people... destroys freedoms hit me to my core and has made me fearful... sometimes even hard to sleep. I think I have a tendency to carry societies troubles on my shoulders.

Two of the wise women at book group reminded me that when they had young children they felt the world couldn't get any worse ... and yet... it has. They also said to me that if we live our lives the right way that we can balance out the things that are wrong in the world. They also reminded me that society goes through cycles... that's why we have a book like the Book of Mormon - to remind us how each society goes through phases... and we may just be in for one of those low points in society. They gave me hope. That even though the most important work I can do in my lifetime is within the walls of my home and the hearts of my children - I can still do all I can...and have hope. That as long as I give my all - it will all work out, even if it doesn't go the way we know is right. There is always hope in the midst of what Isaiah prophesied... that good will be called evil and evil good... bitter will be called sweet and sweet bitter...

Which brings me back to the book - the author talks about the strength of Russia's women - that while the men were drowning their complete lack of control over feeding their families, dependence on a fear-mongering government with vodka, the women were the bedrocks of the people. He said it's no mistake that Russia is referred to as Mother Russia. The few women I have met from Russia are truly amazing. Women with hearts that never stop giving.

So... I am reinvigorated with hope. I will do all that is asked of me to fight for the truth and what is right - and that, that is enough.


Stephanie said...

Nice post Steph. 'Tis true that there is always hope. If we lose hope, evil triumphs, no?

adn@n said...

a nice blog. creative&fun. I've gotten much. nice to know you...:)

Queen Scarlett said...

Thanks - you're so right Steph.

Queen Scarlett said...

adn - thanks for stopping by