Monday, October 6, 2008

Invent this

I'm eating my lunch.

My oldest is at preschool and my little one is napping. I'm eating quickly so I can get to my chores.
I was enjoying my soy marinated egg... (the one that kids would make fun of me for as a kid)... they are delicious. I was also eating my peanut flavored noodles with chicken. Then a light-bulb went off... it's an old light-bulb...I get this same idea every few blips... but I rarely remember to write it down until today.

I wish there was something... that I could easily transport food items I make that I want to share with people I like. I love sharing things I like. I love giving something I love to someone I care about.

Remember those transporter thingys where those star trekkers ...whatever they are ... how their food would materialize? Can't we do something like that in each home - so we can share with each other ...or in this case foodie friends? I have a friend, Carrie who is a cook after my own heart. I'd love to virtually pop-in via some screen and have her transport a taste of her yummy concoctions into my kitchen. I'd love to do the same.

Part of my problem in getting food out to the short shelf-life and dragging two kids along... making sure someone is home... obstacles. Oh and if something totally random turns out great (like a veggie soup I made recently) - I'd like something to analyze it and tell me how much of each ingredient I actually put in.

Also... I'd love an idea of having a few families do a meal group. Where we each take a day and make enough meals for however big/small the group we all end up cooking once or twice a week. The only catch is finding people who cook like you - and have good taste.

Maybe instead of all the pills to help boys get their stick up... maybe they could invent something that would actually make a difference.

ps. If you don't read my blog understanding 99% of the time my tongue is in my cheek... well - I'm not sure what to say to you.


cabesh said...

Replicator. That's the Star Trek food machine. Because I'm a geek.

I wish I could eat some of your food becasue I don't know how to cook Asian food. My husband would be in heaven if I could say, "Tonight we're having Bonazza's pot stickers."

Great idea.

Queen Scarlett said...

Thank you - I can't remember things like that. Yes... a real that if you watch could actually have some of what Ina Garten or Bobby Flay is making. Or even be a judge taster on Iron Chef.

Funny... how cool would it be to trade food like that. I'd totally want you on my groupie list.

By the way - I just made pot stickers two days ago. ;-)