Wednesday, October 22, 2008


More than anything ... hypocrisy drives me to rage. It rages inside of my body to the point where I just heave sighs and I can't formulate coherent noises to signify speech.

Please see this family and how they were treated because they had the nerve to peaceably exercise their freedom of speech... in a respectful manner.

I have to think that those that sling about childish names... are childish themselves. These same people that tout their ability to be open-minded are not. Just thinking of hypocrisy makes me want to scream. Instead I can't think straight to even do that in the face of obvious hypocrites.

And... my friend Carrie who is our ROCKIN' PA gal in our ward, my friend and visiting teaching companion (I would like to audition as her BIGGEST FAN- not only is she a smarty pants lawyer, mother, gourmet foodie friend of mine... she is smart, funny and wholly centered in who she is)... mentioned that that Hollywood party getting headlines this evening, to garner money for the no on 8 campaign mentioned how the Mormons should use their money to do "good" not support a campaign. I have two things to say - we are doing good (just not your definition of it) and if you are so hot to trot... maybe you all should put your money where you think we ought to be. HYPOCRITES. They like to call us holier than thou... interesting. Ugh... hollywood.

I also have to thank my friend Dawn who is in my ward and on my mass email list... she sent me a message that just made me smile from ear-to-ear. I hope she doesn't mind if I share it.

You are such a great person with a big heart. I am so grateful to know you. You brighten my day every time I see you or receive an email from you. You have made me laugh on more than one occasion.

I hope you have a wonderful day and keep up the cheerleading....we should get you some pom poms.

I don't care if you laugh with me ...or at me (as long as you're a friend...the real kind)... I got a laugh...and that is AWESOME. You know what I love about Dawn? She is real, and she gets my sense of humor...and we can say things and not feel censored. As long as the pom poms are BYU ones... heck yes.


soybeanlover said...

Ohhh that just makes me mad. Do any of those hollywood hot shots even know what other charities, good will organizations, etc. that individuals support? Do they know what kind of humanitarian efforts that the Church expends worldwide? I highly doubt it. I wish they'd get educated before they'd open their mouths.

Queen Scarlett said...

Yep... that's the amazing thing about this country.

The media love to tout that the governmental giving is low compared to other nations. However, they never take into account that the individual "we the people" giving far exceeds any governmental giving...and trumps any other nation in individual giving.

The Church is always first on the ground when disaster strikes.

The celebrities...they're there when the cameras say "on air".