Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Magic" and Santa Claus

Last night my hubby and I watched John Stossel's Politically Incorrect Guide to the Elections...

Stossel is the type of guy that needs to be talking sense into people these days. Our country ...our people are missing a high dose of common sense and wisdom. Stossel says everything I wish my brain could communicate to my mouth. You've got to watch these - I wish this was mandatory for every registered voter.

Go check out this video here: Magic Politicians.

This clip on Farms should trouble all of us.

Remember Katrina? The mayor is still useless. See how the private sector always trumps the public sector to renewing hope and building homes.

I agree with Stossel - gov't needs to leave us alone... those narcissistic politicians do nothing but create roadblocks. Why any gov't mandated program only creates waste, sluggishness and poor quality. Don't we remember Russia? Is that what we want in our country?

I've been reading Love and Logic - a parenting book. One of the key things it talks about is letting our children fail when they are young. Let them experience natural consequences. The sooner they learn it the less painful it will be when they encounter failures in the real world. Plus, by then they've learned how to solve problems on their own - not needing Mommy or Daddy to bail them out.

As a result I've been staring at the screen in disbelief as our politicians, like Crazy Pelosi - is ecstatic at all the billions pouring in to bailout the Freddie's of the world. Those companies should fail. That way everyone sees what happens when you screw up. Learn from those mistakes and don't make them anymore. Bailing out someone/company doesn't promote doing the right thing.. instead it promotes entitlement, and more idiocy - like AIG folks spending our money on ridiculous getaways.

Sure - failing might hurt in the short-run... but in the long-term scheme of things - people will be wiser, experienced and we'll be able to learn from those mistakes. I'm not just talking the big corporations - I'm talking about the homeowners who willingingly took those crazy loan schemes. If we never learn how to fail and pick ourselves up - we'll never learn what it takes to succeed.

Honestly, I'm so tired of the people of our nation giving so much power to a bunch of narcissistic suits. We could do with more everyday folks and less DC drunkards.


Amy said...

Love this! Couldn't help but chuckle during Palin's comment on the bailout during the veep debate. Nice to hear someone state the obvious once in a while. I swear sometimes I feel like a child on the emperor's new clothes... like... HELLO... doesn't anyone else see that this is wrong????

Queen Scarlett said...

Seriously. Sometimes I really think I must either be nuts... or everyone else is... can't they see this?