Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why protecting marriage is beneficial to all people

Check out this pdf article here. The most interesting part... for me was that same-sex marriage won't benefit anyone. In fact, it exacerbates the problems that same-sex folks are dealing with already. This paper makes so much sense, logically for me.

I recommend you take a look.


soybeanlover said...

Well written. With all you've posted I've been thinking a lot about society here. People get married to have kids here, otherwise you just stay together. It may seem odd to people in the US, but most couples here get pregnant very quickly after they get married(within the first six months I'd say), or if they get pregnant they GET married. You very rarely have children out of wedlock here. I think it supports the idea of marriage as authorization to bring children into this world, not as an institution for people who love each other. Ideally, now it should also include love, but that is also an ideal that we've picked up in the last century or two.

I'm not quite sure where that was going, but just some things that I've got bouncing around in my head because of Prop 8, sorry!

Queen Scarlett said...

No...that is a very interesting observation.

I know there are high emotions running around... but I can't help but feel that selfishness in adults prevails in society. We can't get over our own needs to protect the needs of the innocent... that makes me sad.

Queen Scarlett said...

I forgot the 'w' ... it's supposed to say NOW.