Thursday, April 7, 2011

Get off the road

This morning on my way to drop off my first grader at school I encountered two bad drivers.

1. A white, older than me, guy who was driving an SUV, stopped at the four-way stop before I did, and hesitated. I can't stand hesitating drivers. Make a decision and move it, before I lose it.

2. There's this street near the school that merges from two lanes to one. I have found that living up in Sac-town vs the Bay Area, this merging business is, for some reason, very complicated to people up here. They don't quite get the concept of every other car. Just like taking turns, or sharing. Or, perhaps they do and they enjoy being, uncouth, classless, discourteous drivers. They probably don't know what any of those words mean, so... there you go.

In the case of this white, unkempt woman in her beat-up mini-van, it might very well be the latter as she high-fived her elementary kid as they squeezed my car out of it's spot and refused to let anyone in.

Apparently, I also care about my car more than she does.

While I enjoy where I live, the inept driving drives me batty.

*I mention the race on purpose... as I live in a predominately white area. So the ratio of really, truly bad Asian drivers is less, because there's less of us. Ha! However, I am the exception to the bad Asian driver stereotype. Remember... I like cars.

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