Thursday, April 7, 2011

They have no effing idea

I know. I know. I am taking my life in my hands by admitting I've watched SITC. Those of you who know me, and have been following my blog, know how much I give a damn about that so... nyah, nyah.

One of my favorite exchanges from SITC 2 is the scene between sweet, Charlotte (my favorite) and irascible, Miranda. Charlotte wasn't concerned about having a nanny, until promiscuous, Samantha put a bee in her bonnet. Charlotte has two kiddies, a nanny, and is overwhelmed. While in Abu Dhabi she and Miranda have a heart-to-heart.

Miranda: "Being a mother kicks your a**."

Charlotte: "My first thought when I heard Samantha say Harry might cheat on me with Erin was, "Oh my god, I can't lose the nanny!""

Charlotte: "How do the moms who have no help do it?"

Miranda: "I have no f***ing idea."

*giggle* *snort* *chortle*

I love that scene.

So for you mothers out there - even those of you who get your panties in a knot because you're so concerned with how everyone else is living their lives... if you don't have help - BRAVO. The women with endless resources and nannies for their 1.5 kids - have no effing idea how you do it. I gather, sometimes you, and I don't either. hehehehehe

Have a Happy Friday!



Emily said...

So true! I do have a little help--a gal who comes in every other week to clean--but it's truly to maintain what little sanity I have left! (And she's super affordable...)

Queen Scarlett said...

I used to have cleaning ladies when my girls were babies... but they were more trouble than they were worth - kept breaking things and were grumpy. ;-)