Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Makes me want to dance...

... or do some controlled slow-motion running.

Genki Sudo is the singer out in front. He was a retired mixed martial artist. That's not all, he writes, he's a musician, dancer, actor and his Buddhist philosophy is "We are all One". Dude is cool.

Happy Wednesday!

ps. this makes me so excited for SYTYCD! I love great movement. I've been missing watching creative, well-choreographed live art.

Spring Break report:
Day 1 - mail taxes, thai lunch, red light/green light in the light rain drizzle and frozen yogurt
Day 2 - Rio (the movie) with friends - loved it (better than Hop) and lunch.


Watson Family said...

Dude is cool, as are you and your blog! ~stranger-friend-lurker :)

Queen Scarlett said...

Thank you! Good to see you de-lurking. ;-) Cheers!

Mrs. Organic said...

These guys are so cool. I love that you found out more about them.