Monday, April 25, 2011

The frivolous side of our Easter

Frivolous... and adorable.

Before you ask... no I didn't make the aprons, I'm not that kind of mormon. I'm the kind that buys them from Pier 1. The baskets? Why. Target of course! I am the kind of mormon who is owned by Target.


Our housing community holds an annual Easter Egg Hunt, and we've gone nearly every year. It's great, we get there about 5-10 min before the egg gathering and leave about 10 minutes after it begins. This year we headed right off to brunch. Ah, brunch.

Below is stinky, sweaty mommy who had time for one weights class at the gym, and then rushed home to get the troops up and moving for the egg hunt. Good thing there's no such thing as smell-o-blog, eh?


Sunday the girls requested an in-home egg hunt. They remembered that one year we were infested by disease and had to stay inside. Apparently, they quite enjoyed it. We also got them Tangled for Easter.

This is us, taking pictures even though we were already late to Church. These memories last longer.

Happy Monday! 
Hope you had a lovely Easter. 


Sarah said...

Great pictures! Your girls are adorable.

Emily said...

What a fun outdoor hunt! And family photos are always a great excuse to be late for church. (I too am owned by Target and that is why I try to only go a couple times a year...)

Queen Scarlett said...

Sarah - thank you!
Emily - I have to physically restrain myself from there. ;-)